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Ethical Consideration
  • The student should obtain approval from the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)/IRB if the proposal involves research on human participants and from Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) if the work involves use of animals.
  • Ethics committee approval is needed for all kinds of biomedical research involving human and animal participants or their samples or stored data/ clinical records.
  • Ethics committee approval must be obtained necessarily before beginning the research work.
  • IEC/ IAEC approval can be obtained from the Institutional Ethics Committee of the medical college where the student is studying. In case the study involves collaboration with another medical college, an ethics committee approval from all collaborating institutions needs to be obtained.
  • IEC and IAEC submission at the time of application submission is optional however mandatory along with the final report.
  • In the IEC/ IAEC approval letter, the name of the student, guide and title of study and approval status should clearly be mentioned.
  • Ethics committee approval letter for other similar projects of guide will not be accepted, separate ethical committee approval is required for student’s STS project.
  • Research should not be carried out if ethics committee has not given the clearance. If the ethics committee is not holding a meeting the student will be unable to carry out research. Any research carried out without IEC/ IAEC approval is likely to be rejected.
  • Without the ethical clearance or late approval by IEC’s/IRB which does not give minimum 2 month time for research or for any other such reason, the report may not be accepted.
  • Research which does not involve human participants, samples or data may be categorized by ethics committee to fall under “Exemption from ethical review”. The decision is taken by ethics committee or its secretariat. The decision in this regard cannot be taken by the Student/ Guide/ HOD.
  • In case research belongs to exempt category a “certificate of exemption” may be obtained from the IEC and submitted along with the report.
  • Informed consent is to be obtained for any research on human participants.
  • Scanned copy of Ethics Committee Clearance/ approval letter and/ or informed consent form should be submitted as PDF file (up to 1 MB). In case the student has already submitted the ethics committee approval at the time of submitting the application/ proposal then there is no need to resubmit the same document again. Original document should be safely kept by the student. It may also be required later when the student would try to publish the research in a journal.
  • Kindly note that the composition of ethics committee should be as per ICMR Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants, 2006. If the composition is inappropriate (for example, if Principal of medical college is part of ethics committee as a Chairperson or the guide has participated in ethics committee meeting decisions as a member, etc.) the ethical clearance will not be accepted and thereby RUHS STS report of student may also not be accepted.