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Misconduct & Plagiarism
  • It is important to encourage highest ethical standards in the conduct of research and RUHS does not accept any proposal/ report from undergraduate student/ guide that involves misconduct or plagiarism. For e.g., obtaining another person’s ideas, information or text, words, outcomes or results, copying from internet sources, earlier student proposal or STS report/ PG Thesis/ textbook/ published work/ someone else's research proposal without giving credit/ without quoting reference or manipulating or falsifying research procedures or wrongly reporting results are included in Research Misconduct/ Plagiarism / Fraud.
  • It has been noted in our evaluations that students copy word by word or paraphrase or copy from internet without giving acknowledging the source document. A number of students copy from other earlier STS reports or PG/Ph.D. thesis which shall be unacceptable and will be categorized under ‘Research Misconduct’ and not accepted by RUHS
Kindly make note of the following:
  • Research Integrity is crucial for good conduct of research and its outcomes. The student/ guide should inculcate right research culture for conducting quality research.
  • Do not copy paste write up/ information/ results/ data from other sources (published or unpublished) without giving appropriate reference.
  • Spend enough time and effort to develop original research proposal/ report for RUHS STS and avoid the last minute rush around the last date.
  • Please read available guidance about plagiarism and responsible conduct of research.
  • Research Misconduct can include intellectual dishonesty or theft which can be of various types like; research duplication, fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in preparing the RUHS STS research proposal, conducting the research project, recording of data, analysis of results, preparation of RUHS STS report.
  • Fabrication is presenting false data or data tampering or making up observations/ research findings or results and using them in the RUHS STS proposal or RUHS STS report.
  • Falsification is changing parameters, or manipulating research procedures, or changing research findings or making false statements or reporting false results in the report.
  • Plagiarism is the copying/ stealing ideas, tools, methods, results, or write-up without giving appropriate credit, for e.g., copying from other students work/ Thesis.
  • Conflicts of interest, if any, should also be declared. Conflict of interest are situations in which financial or any personal reasons can compromise, an individual’s professional judgment in proposing, conducting, supervising or reporting research and therefore can badly affect the quality of research and its reporting and also the scientific objectivity of the proposed research/ report.
  • All submissions to RUHS must be prepared by the student under supervision of guide, guide is also required to sign an undertaking to the effect that it is original work and not plagiarized from any other sources.
  • In case student is assigned work which is part of larger project only work actually done by student should be given in the report. Please note that now software tools are available to check plagiarism. Many of the tools are also available online.