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Preparation of Report

The students must complete the research project and prepare detailed report in consultation with their guide in soft copies (PDF) for ONLINE submission, the details of which shall be uploaded on RUHS website.

Reports should only be sent as per guidelines. The report should detail only the original work carried out by the students under their Guide. The report should not give results of earlier Guides’ research/ other students’ research (MD/Ph.D. thesis)/ or taken from other sources in which student was not involved. In case it is found that details have been copied/ pasted, work is not original or plagiarized the report will be rejected.

The report must be in given format

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Review of literature
  4. Aims and Objectives
  5. Material and Methods
  6. Observation and Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Conclusion
  9. Summary
  10. References
  11. Optional sections
    • Suggestions
    • Questionnaire/ Study Tool
    • Informed Consent Format (should not contain any names)

Results must be presented in the form of graphs, figures, tables. The different sections of report should not be combined. (for e.g., Results and Discussion should not be combined). Incomplete reports/ reports not in prescribed format will be automatically rejected.

Report should be prepared in PDF format and may be around 20-30 pages with file size upto a maximum of 3 Mb including graphs/figures/tables in the same file. Please avoid Photographs/ pictures, as they may need more space.

The report is to be prepared as a single file compiling any anonymized blank format of any Performa/ questionnaire/ case record forms/ any other tools/ format of data collection sheet used for research. There is no provision for separate submission for these forms/tools.

The RUHS STS report may be rejected/withheld under the following circumstances:

  • If the STS report is not prepared as per given format or if any part is not provided (for e.g. review of literature or reference not provided in the report), If two or more sections of RUHS STS are combined together (for e.g., results and discussions presented together, or introduction and review of literature not written separately, then the report is likely to be rejected.
  • Report is incomplete or not in detail (too brief)
  • Major deviations from the proposed study objectives or research plan
  • If the work is not found to be original and has been copied/pasted from other sources/ other thesis
  • If the data presented under results is found to be fictitious/ cooked up or copied,
  • Appropriate Ethics committee/IRB approval has not been obtained,
  • Ethics committee approval letter is dated after initiation of research work and does not give a minimum time of 2 months for research.
  • Ethics committee approval is signed by Principal as chairperson of ethics committee/membership of ethics committee which is not as per RUHS Guidelines.
  • Ethical committee has given a provisional approval.
  • Attestation form is not signed by authorities/not stamped/not dated/mismatch in information
  • If the student uploads identifying information in the report.
  • Any other reason/s as found suitable by the reviewers.